VirtualDJ 4.0 (24 August 2006)

New features:
  • brand new audio engine
  • new professional default skin
  • greater pitch slider fluidity
  • improved scratching sound
  • turntable pitch and software pitch are better integrated
  • video transitions can now be "activated". Some transitions will automatically crossfade when activated, while newer ones will put themselves in "smart mode", where the crossfader moves automatically to match what you're doing on the turntables. (see "default" transition)
  • new synchronisation engine. Sync is now smoother, and samples are correctly beatlocked even on TCV
  • browser icons can now be changed in skin
  • plugin can display strings on the default interface (with declare_parameter)
  • new plugin SDK for easier interfaces
  • plugin stability improved (including VST)
  • new plugins: VideoEffect/Text, SoundEffect/KeyChanger
  • compatible with SSL crates (added only if fresh install)
  • sound Plugins can now apply on: Song (as before), Mixer Line (like old scratch), or Master. (cf SDK)
  • import of iTunes playlists on fresh install
  • import of all SSL crates on fresh install
  • compatibility with MSN's "what I'm listening to"
  • songs with a BPM more than +/-10 from the actual bpm have a special icon in the browser (range can be change in registry "SimilarBpmRange")
  • new video transition mode: click on the video preview to go from one deck to another (right click for temporary, double click for instantaneous). click on the transition button goes in smart mode
  • latency can be set from config menu
  • new option in TCV/TCCD: browser track (work without needing a new TCV)
  • new skin possibilities (visual type="rotate", etc, check basic skin)
  • compatibility with Numark iCDX units
  • individual mastertempo on each deck (key lock)
  • new "performance" optimization page in options
  • new soundsetup page
  • soundsetup automatically detects u46dj, maya, djconsole or dxm01usb cards with fast setup
  • new video fx plugins: SlideShow, Camera, Sonique
  • broadcast of titles fixed (can be disabled with "BroadcastShowTitles" in registry)
  • clone_deck copies gain
  • midi relative sliders
  • database scan no longer enter sensitive folders like "local settings" or "application data"
  • compatible with 48Khz soundcards (ASIO and KS)
  • new option: "autoheadphones"
  • new performance option: "overclock"
  • warning message if skin resolution unsupported
  • new video option: load plugin when no video available
  • smart loop
  • advanced master tempo

New actions:
  • new consistent effect/sample/video action names (old deprecated names still compatible for old skins, but no longer displayed)
  • key_offset
  • reverse
  • delete_cue, play_stutter, pause_stop, select_loop, etc. (check full list in shortcuts)

Bug fixes:
  • loading a song or jumping further into a song while it is loading will no longer cause skipping in audio output
  • fast rewind past beginning crash corrected
  • smartloop bug corrected
  • plugin shortcut crash corrected
  • small visuals glitches corrected (cues, sliders, vst, ...)
  • ripdvd fixed
  • bug in loading non "44Khz/16bit/stereo" WAV files fixed
  • network synchronisation and multi-instance synchronisation fixed

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