VirtualDJ 2.1 (05 May 2005)

major new features:
  • video mixer
  • integrated radio software (for internet broadcast)
  • multi-deck skins (with more than 2 decks)

new features:
  • built-in handling of itunes files (.m4a, .mp4, .aac, ...)
  • artists and title can be changed (and remembered) on each file (use right-clic -> rename)
  • ID3 tags (and MP4 tags) are automatically read if available
  • all Virtual DJ informations (cues, bpm, etc) are saved inside ID3 tags (and therefore can be passed on another computer just by copying the song file, or can serve as a backup in case you delete the internal database file).
  • enhanced default parser for filename -> author/title
  • new record page
  • built-in broadcast client (shoutcast & icecast compatible)
  • built-in simple broadcast server
  • can record/broadcast from master, from master+mic input, or from line-in
  • file extensions can be assigned individually to each decoders
  • enhanced timecode soundconfig (with multiple configurations for inputs and outputs)
  • fully automatic timecode configuration
  • new timecode algorithm with better needle position accuracy
  • improved anti-skip on timecodes
  • auto_cue option
  • automix fade length is a slider
  • panels positions are saved for each skins
  • samples format is based on OGG compression, without any gap in loops
  • Virtual DJ can't crash because of a plugin, even if the plugin crashes
  • infinite crossfader possibilities through plugin
  • can drag'n'drop from multi instances
  • video mixer compatible with Windows Media Player music videos
  • video mixer compatible with karaoke files
  • can enter text on the video mixer
  • can play sonique visual plugin in the video mixer
  • can display static bitmap in the video mixer
  • auto-eq-reset reset the equalizers back to zero when you load a new song

skin changes:
  • beatlock becomes smooth beatmatch (rightclic does beatlock)
  • loop button added (rightclick on left half of button decrease loop, on right half increase)
  • remix panel changed

new actions:
  • "beat_juggle"
  • "browser_toplaylist", "load_fromplaylist", "browser_sort", "goto_folder"
  • "setusercrossfade" (for plugin only), "loadsamplefile" (for plugin only), "saveregistryconfig" (for plugin mainly)
  • "loop_move" (ex improperly nammed "loop_in")
  • "loop" can now take relative values

new skin features:
  • multiinstance: one skin can span on several instances
  • textzone can display infinite number of cue

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