VirtualDJ 2.06 (26 November 2004)

New software:
  • ripvinyl: easily make mp3 from your vinyls (can record several discs at the same time)

New features:
  • "Suggestion Box" folder gives a smart suggestion-list of music to play next
  • can read itunes, atrac (sony) and flac files if proper WMP codecs are installed
  • sound quality and responsiveness improved in low-latency timecode mode
  • DMC1/DAC2 mapper (via custom dll)
  • new right-click menu: add to search database, remove from search database
  • playlist total time displayed
  • automatically mute monitor levels with MAYA soundcards
  • new fame option: smart auto-bpm
  • faster search and sort in database
  • new action: "goto_last_folder"
  • new right-click menu: go to folder
  • new right-click menu: add playlist to history
  • can load .VDJ file on a desk

Bugs Corrected:
  • right-click menu actions (rename, move, delete, etc...) also change the database
  • incorect .CUE times in burn mode
  • high CPU usage in "load from disc" mode
  • cue points direction in inverted-scroll mode
  • auto pitch-reset
  • beatlock disengage on load disengages both decks
  • long 22Khz wav in sample slots
  • cue action on DMC1/DAC2
  • jingle-samples in lowlatency timecode mode
  • search comments in database

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