VirtualDJ 2.00 (01 June 2004)

Major Changes:
  • The new sample engine lets you record or load loops on the fly and play them synced automatically at any time
  • The network synchronisation lets you run several instances of Virtual DJ and mix with more than 2 desks
  • The new effect layout is much easier and allow fast drag'n'drop of effects

Medium Changes:
  • Effect sdk extension allows graphics and custom interface
  • Network synchro is OSC (Open Sound Control) compatible and can be used to interface VDJ with many live music software
  • Virtual DJ is compatible with d-vinyl2020 and can be driven by the time-coded vinyl
  • Advanced sound config allows any possible configuration (up to 32 different soundcards)
  • ASIO compatibility
  • Native VST plugin compatibility
  • Karaoke plugin (.cdg files) with optional TV-output fullscreen display
  • Songinfo database is now saved in XML to allow easy editing, merging, export, etc...
  • Multiuser option lets different users keeps their own settings
  • Cues are displayed in the rhythm window
  • DJConsole can be used to scratch
  • Shortcut editor displays categorized actions with help
  • Compatibility with Asian OS (unicode filenames)

Minor Changes:
  • Copy bpm from other desk option
  • Shift+clic in directory tree keeps the search filter
  • Ctrl+clic in directory tree allows several folders to be displayed at once
  • "stop" cycles between all cues
  • Power management and screensavers are disabled during vdj sessions
  • Tooltips show shortcuts
  • Skin panels and DJConsole are synchronised

Bugs Corrected:
  • Anchor on right desk bug corrected
  • Minimum browser height bug corrected
  • Sorting w/ search bug corrected
  • No autosort in playlists
  • Search shortcut goes into database folder
  • Bpmgrid adjust and pitch bug corrected
  • Browser_updown on tree doesn't stop when selecting unreachable medias

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