American Audio VMS4 & VMS4.1

A few words about the VMS4

VMS4 is the first midi controller which has a 4 channel analogue mixer.

The left and right sections of the VMS4 are pure midi. You can assign them as you wish.
The center part of the VMS4 is actually an analogue audio external mixer which also has the ability to send midi signals. It is not however recommended to assign virtualdj actions, only fake actions (such as fake_crossfader, fake_level, fake_eq etc). Fake actions move the sliders on the screen but they do not affect the sound of the VMS4. In other words you use the intergrated EQ of the VMS4, and not the EQ of the software, but at the same time, you will view the eq knobs and the sliders to move on your screen.

8out mode & 4 out mode
In order your VMS4 to contol the decks of the VirtualDJ software, you have to turn the MIDILOG channels to USB using switchers on the front side of the controller.

- If you want to use all 4 channels of the VMS4 to control 4 decks in VDJ (4 decks skin) turn all of them to USB and set VMS4 to 8out mode using the switcher in front.

- If you want the 2 chanels in the middle (MIDILOG 2 & MIDILOG 3) to control 2 decks of the VirtualDJ software (2 decks skin) turn to USB just the 2 switchers in the middle, leaving the other 2 (CH1, CH4) to analogue. and set the VMS4 to 4out mode. In that case you can use CH1 and CH4 as analogue inputs, e.g. plug 2 cd players.


Sound Setup

For Limited Edition users
For both 2 deck and 4 deck LE versions, the sound setup (if available) should be ..
Inputs -> None
Outputs -> External mixer
Sound card -> VMS4 or ASIO
The decks on the skin depend on the LE version. Please check your Download Center


1) stop Virtual DJ if you have it running
2) Set the front panel switch of your VMS4 or 4.1 to 8 out (In VirtualDJ LE is the only setup that would work fine with your controller)
3) Then start midi utility: Go to FINDER---APPLICATIONS---UTILITIES....AUDIO/MIDI SETUP

--- a) from the from the spotlight window type "midi"
--- b) Top Hit should be Audio Midi setup
--- c) click on that.
--- d) Audio Midi will start.
--- e) Window -> show midi window.
--- f) clicked on default
--- g) create new configuration.
--- h) VMS AUDIO MIDI DEVICE should show up.

4) Audio Settings:
--- a) Window -> show audio window
--- b) find the VMS Audio Midi Device in the left panel
--- c) should read 2 in / 8 out
--- d) right click
--- e) use this device for sound output (it's optional, this is only needed if you plan to use another software like iTunes and want to use --- this VMS4 as your default output. VirtualDJ don't need it, you can still use another default out for your other softwares).

5) start virtualdj

For Pro Full users with VMS4 or VMS4.1
Advanced Sound setup is available only to Pro Full version. It allows you to change the sound settings of the VMS4 and assign a different deck order in the mixer section.
Here is how the Advanced Sound setup should look for deck order 3,1,2,4 (ASIO for Windows users, 4CHANNEL OUT or just ADJ AUDIO for Mac OS users)

For both LE and Pro Full users the routing of the VMS4 sound chanels can be edited as well using the AA ASIO Utility

Mapping the VMS4
The AA VMS4 & VMS4.1 are natively supported in the current VirtualDJ version, and there is no need to install any additional mapper or definition file.
Using the SHIFT+PAUSE buttons you can switch the left (1,3) and the right (2.4) decks of a 4 deck skin.

Recording and Broadcasting with the VMS4
In order to record or broadcast your mixes (and the mic as well), you need to follow the way described here

An alternative way to record internally is described here , however the above one is recommended until we gather more positive feedback from both sides (PC and Mac)

VMS4 + Timecodes
To run timecodes you have to turn your VMS4 to 4out mode. This way VMS4 turns to a 4X4 sound card meaning that you will be able to use only the midilogs 2 and 3 with the software, leaving the midilogs 1 and 4 for inputs of analogue sources.
Plug your timecodes in to linein (midilog) 2 and 3 (the middle ones).
From the front side of the VMS4 turn CH2 and CH3 to USB
Read more here on how to setup the timecodes

Sound setup

If you need to change from 8out to 4 out mode or vice versa before you do this, you have to power off the VMS4. Then make your selection and power the unit back on.

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