Unfortunately because this controller was never intended to be used with other DJ software it does not have standard ASIO drivers available and will only function as a 2 out (1 stereo) sound card with standard Windows Audio (WDM)

To be able to use the sound card with VirtualDJ, you will need to install the ASIO emulator ASIO4ALL from http://www.asio4all.com

Then configure it using the following guide written by Cioce:


Make sure that CONFIG -> Performances -> Latency is set to Auto.


On a Mac, the Spin is Core Audio compatible and will work as a 4 out (2 stereo) sound card without any additional software/drivers.

However, it may default to 2 out (1 stereo) - If this is the case, you will need to configure it for 4 channel audio: Configure 4 channel audio on Mac

Go to CONFIG -> Sound Setup and set your settings to the following:

Inputs: None
Outputs: External Mixer
Sound card: 4 Out Card -> Choose the Spin in the drop-down list.

Click APPLY.

Connect a pair of amplified speakers to master outputs on the rear of the Spin and your headphones into the headphone socket on the front of the Spin.

NOTE: Due to the fact that it was never originally intended for use with other DJ software, some Spin units may be detected as a Typhoon instead of Spin. This shouldn\'t be a problem because the layout is nearly the same, except for a few buttons. In the full VirtualDJ Pro, you can easily change the mappings if you wish.

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