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Skin SDK: The <dropzone> element

A dropzone is a zone where a file could be dragged over in order to load it.

The syntax of the dropzone element is <dropzone deck="" panel="">.
The properties values are:
  • deck : possible values: "1", "2", "active" (default) or "playlist"
  • panel can put the dropzone into a specific panel
The dropzone definitions are:
  • <size width="" height=""> : Give the width and height of the dropzone
  • <pos x="" y=""> : Give the position of the dropzone on the screen
  • <mousemask x="" y=""> : Give the coordinate of the B&W graphic that should be used as a mask to decide if the mouse is over the dropzone
  • <mouserect x="" y="" width="" height=""> : Set a simple rect zone as a mouse mask
  • <mousecircle x="" y="" r=""> : Set a simple circle zone as a mouse mask

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