PC Transfer To Mac

How to transfer VirtualDJ 7 from a Windows Computer to a Mac Computer

Providing that your license entitles you to it, you can download VirtualDJ for Mac from the Download Center. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Professional.

If you intend to sell, give away or dispose of your PC, then you must remove VirtualDJ from it first. Otherwise, if you are keeping it, then you may optionally keep VirtualDJ installed on it as a backup. Please see: Can I install the software on a new computer or more than one computer

For music that is on your internal hard drive of your PC (C:\), you would need to do the following:

  • Copy your entire music collection to the Mac, keeping EXACTLY the same folder structure.

  • Copy your VirtualDJ Database file from My Documents\VirtualDJ to /users/YOURNAME/Documents/VirtualDJ or /users/YOURNAME/Library/VirtualDJ for new installations of VirtualDJ v7.0.3 or above.

  • Use a text editor to edit the database file on the Mac to correct the paths to the files. Make sure that you make a backup copy of the database first in case you make a mistake. You will need to search and replace the old PC path with the new Mac path, e.g: If your music was in C:\Tunes on your PC, and is now in /tunes on the Mac, you will need enter the following in the search and replace dialogue: Search for: C:\Tunes\ Replace with: /tunes/ (Click on the Replace ALL button to replace all occurrences.) You will also need to replace any remaining PC backslashes \ in the rest of the path with Mac forward slashes /.

For music that is on an external drive, the database is stored locally on that drive and will not normally need any changes. However if the drive is formatted PC NTFS, Mac will not be able to write any changes to it (Database changes such as comments, BPM, etc., adding new songs, etc.) You will either need to use 3rd party software that can write to NTFS volumes on Mac, or backup the files on the drive and then reformat it to either Mac format (If it will be used only on the Mac) or exFAT or FAT32 format if you wish to use it on both Mac and PC.

Playlists and history are stored in the folders VirtualDJ\Playlists and VirtualDJ\Tracklisting respectively. You can copy these across to the same folders on your Mac, but as above, you will need to manually edit the paths to the music in each file. You can do this by opening each file in a text editor and then using search & replace to replace the old path with the new path.

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