By default, VirtualDJ 7 will not fully load songs that are longer than 15 minutes into memory.

This is to avoid computers with more limited memory from running out if the user were to load a long song (E.g: 1 hour mix.) The 15 minute setting is chosen because most DJ's will be live mixing songs that are typically 3-7 minutes in most cases.

Songs that are longer than this will be streamed directly from disk, resulting in the song overview waveform only being partially displayed. As the song progresses, the missing parts of the song will be filled in as they are loaded from the disk.

You can change this setting via CONFIG -> Performances -> Do not pre-load files bigger than.

NOTE: If you are load a variable bit rate (VBR) file for the first time, then VirtualDJ will not know the correct overall size until the song has loaded in full. This may result in it thinking a song is longer than the above setting and unnecessarily streaming it from disk. To avoid this, you should pre-analyse your music collection.

NOTE: If you are using an Apple Mac and find that your new setting is not kept when you close VirtualDJ, please download the Registry Tool and use this to change the inMemoryLen value. This is in seconds, so use 3600 for 60 minutes, 1800 for 30 minutes, etc. or use a value of -1 to mean 'infinite' (Not recommended.) You will need to be a registered licensed user of the full VirtualDJ Professional to download the Registry Tool.

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