MIDI controller stops working with Windows Vista

If you are using Windows Vista, you may find that your MIDI controller suddenly stops responding and can no-longer be detected, or it re-appears in the mappers list as Simple MIDI Wrapper.

Unfortunately MIDI support in Vista itself has a bug which will cause the driver of a MIDI device to crash and stop responding if too many MIDI messages are transmitted in one go (E.g: Excessive scratching or spinning of the jogwheels.)

This problem is more likely to occur on MIDI controllers that have high resolution jogwheels or advanced display screens.

The best solution is to upgrade to Windows 7 which does not have this problem. Windows 7 will also give you considerably improved system performance over Vista, which is a very 'bloated' and resource-hungry Operating System. Or if you have an older computer, you may wish to downgrade to Windows XP instead.

Some MIDI controllers have workarounds for this problem in their firmware, such as the Denon DN-MC4500 and Denon DN-MC6000.

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