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 Is MIDI controller NAME supported by VirtualDJ8

Q. Is my MIDI controller supported by VirtualDJ?

While VirtualDJ natively supports a large number of commonly used MIDI and HID controllers, both new and old, it is not possible to support every single controller in existence, especially if it has only just been released recently by the manufacturer and/or we have not been provided with a sample unit to be able to create a mapping for it.

Some more complex controllers may also take more time to map and may even require an update to VirtualDJ itself (E.g: Active spinning platters that require special bespoke coding to work correctly, custom display screens, etc.)

Controllers that ship with VirtualDJ LE (Limited Edition) included will normally be natively supported by default in the full VirtualDJ Professional. However, if the controller is a very recent release, then the current release version of Pro may not currently include the mapping for it yet. The mapping will be available when the next update for Pro is released or in some cases may be made available to download separately from our controllers add-on page (This is subject to agreement from the manufacturer.)

Controllers that are only used by a very small number of users, are not designed for DJ use (E.g: Musical keyboard (Piano/organ), drum pad, etc.) or are designed exclusively for use with a particular DJ software package are not normally natively supported.

To check whether a controller that you are intending to purchase is natively supported, please Install the latest version of VirtualDJ (Or Home FREE if you are testing before purchasing) and then go to CONFIG -> Mappers. Click on the button to the right of the drop-down list and untick the option to only show connected devices. The drop-down list will now show all supported controllers.

A list of controllers supported by VirtualDJ can also be found on the following page: VirtualDJ Controllers

If the controller is not listed, then it is not currently natively supported. It might be natively supported in a future version of VirtualDJ, providing that there is sufficient demand and/or we have a sample unit from the manufacturer. Please note that it is not possible to tell you when or if a particular controller will be supported. Details of future updates to VirtualDJ and release dates are not publicly disclosed to avoid disappointment should it not be possible to include a controller/new feature and/or meet a deadline for any reason.

A user-made mapping for the controller might be available from the controllers download page.

Or depending on your computer knowledge/experience, you may be able to map it yourself - Please see How do I map my MIDI controller?

NOTE: We would strongly recommend purchasing a controller that is already natively supported by VirtualDJ.

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