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 Invalid Skin Error PC

The most common cause of this error is installing the software while logged in as one user (E.g: Fred) and then trying to run it as a different user (E.g: Joe.)

The other user is missing the My Documents\VirtualDJ folder. VirtualDJ will not run without this.

To resolve, please either:

(1) Install the software as the user you will be running it as.

(2) Manually copy the My Documents\VirtualDJ folder across to the other user.

Another cause is installing the software without administrator privileges under Vista or Windows 7. To resolve, right-click on the VirtualDJ installation file and choose Run as administrator. Also, we would recommend turning off UAC (User Account Control) in Windows Vista and 7.

This error can also be caused by installing an invalid or incompatible skin (E.g: Designed for a newer version of the software.) If this is the case, please delete the skin from My Documents\VirtualDJ\Skins

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