Install the latest drivers (PC only) and firmware (Mac & PC) from Pioneer website: http://pioneer.jp/support/download/dj-e/ddj-ergo-v/

Set your sound settings in CONFIG -> Sound Setup to the following:

Inputs: MIC
Ouputs: Headphones (Master: Chan 1&2 / Headphones: Chan 3&4)
Sound card (PC): ASIO - Pioneer DDJ ASIO (from the drop-down menu)
Sound card (Mac): 4-out card - Pioneer DDJ ERGO (from the drop-down menu)

Click APPLY.

Connect a pair of amplified speakers to master out1 or master out2 (depending on your connection type) on the rear of the DDJ-ERGO and your headphones into the headphone socket on the front of the controller.

MIC Support.
Both LE and Pro Full version support the MIC/AUX input of the unit. The input of the Ergo can be properly recorded and broadcast using the above Sound setup.
Using the LE skin of the Ergo, you can also use the AUX/REC button on each deck to input MIC/AUX to a deck (e.g. mix a software deck with a standard CD player)

- In case you re experiencing sync issues, that is maybe because the masterdeck operation is not in the automatic mode. All decks sync to the master deck. The label (text) MASTER on each deck on the screen indicates the status of it. The masterdeck indicates the deck that is ON AIR each time. To set the masterdeck to automatic mode again, you need to click once on the MASTER text on the deck that is currently masterdeck, or press SHIFT+SYNC on the Ergo on the proper deck.

- In Mac OSX 10.9 the unit may not be detected with its proper MIDI name, therefor the detection with VirtualDJ may not be possible. In this case read and follow instructions from this document http://pioneerdj.com/support/files/img/OS_X_10.9.2_E.pdf

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