Controller Profile Icon

When browsing the forums, you may see users with icons for their MIDI or HID controller next to their name.

These icons are only available for MIDI/HID controllers and other hardware that ship with a VirtualDJ or Numark Cue product included such as VirtualDJ LE, VirtualDJ Console Edition, Numark Cue LE, etc.

To get an icon, you will need to register the serial number of VirtualDJ/Cue LE to your account. You will normally find this on the sleeve of the installation CD.

NOTE: If the product is second-hand, then you will not be able to register it if the previous owner has already done so. VirtualDJ serial numbers are non-transferable. Please see: Serial Transfer.

If your hardware did not come with VirtualDJ/Cue LE included then unfortunately it is not possible to obtain an icon for it. In some cases, a MIDI controller may ship with VirtualDJ LE in some countries and another software product in other countries. This is the decision of the manufacturer and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about it.

NOTE: Not all hardware has a product-specific icon. In these cases, a generic VirtualDJ LE or Cue LE box icon may be used instead. This is often the case for products based on a generic chipset that is used by multiple vendors/manufacturers. In some cases, the vendor/manufacturer may also require the generic image.

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