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Q : J'ai un Virtual DJ LE serial / keycode fourni avec mon contrôleur. Comment puis-je télécharger et installer Virtual DJ LE sur mon ordinateur?

Controllers bundled with VirtualDJ LE should include a VirtualDJ LE Installation CD in the box to install VirtualDJ LE. Insert the CD into your computer's CD-Drive and install VirtualDJ LE by opening the installation files (msi/exe -for Windows) or pkg/dmg -for Mac OSX) and following instructions on screen.

If your computer doesn't have a CD-Rom Drive or there was no VirtualDJ LE CD included in the box, enter your VirtualDJ LE serial/keycode in the box of this page http://www.virtualdj.com/le/ and then download the installation files from the followed page.

It is always suggested to create a VirtualDJ Account and register your VirtualDJ LE serial. This will provide you the ability to retrieve your serial number in the future among other benefits.

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