Set your sound settings in CONFIG -> Sound Setup to the following:

Inputs: None
Outputs: Headphones
Sound card: 2 cards

Choose USB AUDIO MAIN in the first drop-down list.

Choose USB AUDIO PHONE in the second drop-down list.

Make sure that the drop-down list to the right of Outputs: Headphones is set to Master: First card, Headphones: Second card.

Click APPLY.

Connect a pair of stereo amplified speakers to the master output on the back of the CTRL-SIX/CNTRL-7 and your headphones into the headphone socket of the CTRL-SIX/7.

Aggregate 4 channel sound card on Mac:

  • Go to MacOS Utilities -> Audio MIDI Setup

  • Go to View menu -> Show Audio Window (If it's not already shown)

  • Click + at the bottom of the devices list to create a new Aggregate Device

  • Double-click on its name (Aggregate Device) and rename it to Gemini CTRL-SIX (Or Gemini CNTRL-7 if you have this model.)

  • Tick USB AUDIO MAIN and USB AUDIO PHONE in the list.

  • Close Audio MIDI Setup and start VirtualDJ.

  • Go to CONFIG -> Sound Setup and choose the following:

    Inputs: None
    Outputs: Headphones
    Sound card: 4-out card -> Gemini CTRL-SIX (Or Gemini CNTRL-7)

  • Click APPLY

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