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 Sat 5th Dec 2015groovindjSat 5th Dec 2015United Kingdom
 morning trap setDj_bobbeardMon 8th Aug 2016Indonesia
 Sat 14th May 2016PachNSat 14th May 2016Germany
 70s 80s Deep HousepseftSat 5th Dec 2015Australia, Adelaide
 2015年9月18日 星期五leneerFri 18th Sep 2015山东·聊城
 DEEP HOUSE Pool Party Dec 2015pseftFri 4th Dec 2015Australia, Adelaide
 Sat 7th May 2016 @20th St Tapthe SOUND INSURGENTSat 7th May 2016Sioux City, IA
 90s ClubpseftThu 14th Jul 2016at Fresh Prince of Bel-airs House
 21st Amendment Sat, 30th 2016the SOUND INSURGENTSun 31st Jul 2016Sioux City, IA.
 RnB / Hip Hop Old SkoolpseftSat 11th Jun 2016Tivoli Sat 11th Jun 2016
 Just a mix of stuff you've probably played and listen 2...the SOUND INSURGENTSun 3rd Apr 201621st Amendment Bar & Kitchen in Sioux city, IA. United States
 40th BirthdaydancesoundsdiscoSat 9th Sep 2017Botany Bay Cricket Club
 Upstairs on a Saturday night.the SOUND INSURGENTSun 14th Aug 201621st Amendment Sioux City, IA. United States
 Sun 27th May 2018sogolddjSun 27th May 2018United States
 Dance ChartsvlnjackiTue 10th Jan 2017Germany
 Rize & Grind 👍 the SOUND INSURGENTSun 24th Apr 2016My Bassment, Sioux City, IA. U.S.A
 Dance ChartsvlnjackiWed 1st Feb 2017Germany
 Sun 8th Nov 2015RobRoySun 8th Nov 2015Germany
 Bored.....the SOUND INSURGENTSun 10th Apr 2016My Bassment Sioux City, IA. USA
 All Request nightthe SOUND INSURGENTSat 26th Mar 201620th St Tap Sioux City, IA
 Sun 4th Oct 2015938MyDJSun 4th Oct 2015Canada
 Party Up Set (well it got em jumpin)the SOUND INSURGENTSun 20th Mar 201621st Amendment , Sioux City, IA.
 Sat 21st Nov 2015PachNSat 21st Nov 2015Germany
 Behren's Weddingthe SOUND INSURGENTSat 27th May 2017Sioux City, IA.
 Back Room SessionsTDBennettWed 3rd Aug 2016Fort Smith, AR, United States
 Discofox aus den 80ernvlnjackiSat 10th Jun 2017Germany
 Sat 14th Nov 2015the SOUND INSURGENTSat 14th Nov 2015United States
 Sat 25th Jun 2016PhantomDeejaySat 25th Jun 2016Greece
 Party Up set from the 21st Amendmentthe SOUND INSURGENTSun 21st Feb 201621st Amendment in Sioux City, IA.
 Sun 22nd Nov 2015the SOUND INSURGENTSun 22nd Nov 2015Sewer City
 Nothing Special ......the SOUND INSURGENTSun 13th Mar 2016My Bassment, Sioux City, IA
 Quick Get Down [Kinda Chill]the SOUND INSURGENTSat 12th Mar 2016My Bassment, Sioux City, IA
 Thursday, 25th Jan 2018 - College Night - Video GigDVDJ Paul GFri 26th Jan 2018Retro Live, 14 Margaret Street, Plattsburgh, Ny, 12901, United States
 Buddha Club und Balkan DancevlnjackiTue 16th May 2017Germany
 Just a mix of nothing.............the SOUND INSURGENTTue 1st Dec 2015My Bassment - Sioux City, IA.
 Breakfest Throw down.............the SOUND INSURGENTSun 29th Nov 2015My Basement-Sioux City, IA.
 Sat 16th Jul 2016aiclarkSat 16th Jul 2016Kavos, Corfu (Greece)
 Trappy.......the SOUND INSURGENTSat 5th Dec 2015Sioux City, IA.
 Neue Deutsche House WellevlnjackiTue 30th May 2017Germany
 Podcast - 18 1960's Radio Simulation W/O DJ'sfallguy66Thu 14th Jul 2016San Antonio Texas
 Barber Shop pt.1the SOUND INSURGENTSat 16th Jan 2016sioux City, IA.
 Nothing Special.......Just messing around.the SOUND INSURGENTWed 25th Nov 2015Sioux City, IA.
 Sun 22nd Nov 2015the SOUND INSURGENTSun 22nd Nov 2015In My Basement, lol!
 20th St. Tap (25 & Up Night)the SOUND INSURGENTSat 20th Feb 2016Sioux City, IA.
 Thu 19th Nov 2015gggdjThu 19th Nov 2015Italy
 Thu 31st Dec 2015PhantomDeejayThu 31st Dec 2015Greece
 Grad Party Jun 2016schmidi_0Sun 12th Jun 2016United States
 Back Room SessionsTDBennettSun 31st Jul 2016Fort Smith, AR, United States
 The Mix Up @ VDJ Radio (12/20/15)gstribMon 21st Dec 2015Prairie View, Texas
 The Mix Up @ VDJ Radio (1/18/16)gstribTue 19th Jan 2016Studio 203