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Topic: Non 4/4 time signatures
I'd love the BPM functions to enable odd time signatures. Particularly 3/4. It doesn't necessarily need to automatically detect it or anything.. that can remain the same, but the ability to change the tick marks to 3/4 would be sufficient when I want to manually beat match some waltz type songs.

Posted Fri 15 Aug 08 @ 10:12 pm
Interesting request. I'm not sure how necessary it is, but I know beat patterns were very useful to me in my vinyl days. I would diagram out for every record the type of beat patterns they used, not just tempo & key. Intro, body, and outro. I think I used X's for the beats and something else for high hats. With all this step-style & drum and bass patterns being used now, something like this within a DVS would be even more helpful. I still probably enjoy mixing breaks more than anything else. I suppose to some extent we get a hint from the genre on a file, but I had it all very detailed with a crazy grid system in a giant database. And then I printed it all out in various sorted & grouped ways so I could flip through it. I had two zip disk backups of it and a version on a network drive. I kid you not: in the same week both those zips got the Click of Death and the completely separate network drive crashed and had to be reformatted/replaced by the network admin. Truly cosmically bad luck.

Posted Sat 16 Mar 13 @ 2:24 pm
I know this topic is literally almost a decade old but i found it since i exactly searched for this. It would be nice but in the end, every Waltz song can be counted in longer 4/4ths (50BPM and higher) which is also often used to express a dance songs tempo.

Posted Sat 14 Oct 17 @ 3:03 pm