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Topic: Few questions about the database

Where can I read everything about the database, location of it, can I change the location, can I change other stuffs?

My biggest problem is that the songs are saved by filepath: <Song FilePath="D:\Downloads\Music\AC - On My Way.mp3" FileSize="4196480">, but I want it by filename: <Song FileName="DJ Marty feat. Stavros Livykos - Skase (orientraga mix).mp3" FileSize="4556672" TagDate="712231951">. I want it because 1 database is used on 2 computers and I don't want to change it manually.

I have 2 database files: "C:\Documents and Settings\DJ\My Documents\VirtualDJ\VirtualDJ Database v5.xml" and in every HD "VirtualDJ Local Database v5.xml". I want everything to be stored in one database, how can I change it?

Posted Sun 10 Aug 08 @ 5:19 pm
Is there anyone who can help me?

Posted Tue 12 Aug 08 @ 5:48 am
ThePIRATE wrote :
I want it because 1 database is used on 2 computers and I don't want to change it manually.

Wow.. you have the Demo installed on two computers? your really giving it a workout! *shock*

simple answer.. If you want to use the same music on two computers ,and keep the cue points & Tags the same,
You have to use the same external hardrive for both computers..

their is no easy way to sync changes between two different hard drives..

Posted Tue 12 Aug 08 @ 2:26 pm
Even in this case the problem won\'t be solved, the external HD have diffrent drive letter on the computers. If the song is moved to different folder it will be unrecognized. The only solution is \"FileName\". I have such entry from previous version of VDJ:
<VirtualDJ_Database Version=\"1\" Date=\"30/03/2008\">
<Song FileName=\"Whitesnake - Still Of The Night.mp3\" FileSize=\"9428827\" TagDate=\"705190148\">
<Display Author=\"Whitesnake\" Title=\"Still Of The Night\" />
<Infos SongLength=\"17321472\" />
<BPM Bpm=\"17632\" Phase=\"10688\" />
<FAME IsScanned=\"1\" Volume=\"5563\" />
<Automix FadeStart=\"29184\" FadeEnd=\"16647680\" />
different entry from the same database (maybe from other version):
<Song FilePath=\"?:\\HIM - The funeral of hearts.mp3\" FileSize=\"6486948\" Flag=\"16\">
<Infos SongLength=\"11917440\" FirstSeen=\"704142250\" FirstPlay=\"704142250\" LastPlay=\"704142250\" />
<BPM Bpm=\"23212\" Phase=\"4728\" BeatPhase=\"1\" />
<FAME IsScanned=\"1\" Volume=\"8027\" />
<Automix MixType=\"2\" TempoStart=\"863572\" TempoEnd=\"9776980\" FadeStart=\"805376\" FadeEnd=\"11308032\" RealStart=\"0\" />
v.5 database is :
<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"windows-1252\"?>
<VirtualDJ_Database Version=\"500\">
<Song FilePath=\"D:\\Downloads\\Music\\Peggy Zina - Ena\\Peggy Zina - Pes tou.mp3\" FileSize=\"5412864\">

My database is the biggest reason that I don\'t want to change VDJ. It is 6000 rows long and have 1000 songs in it.
Yesturday I found very good DJ software that makes different file for each song:
Alex Guadino feat. Shena - Watch out_4709175.mrk
Arash feat. Rebecca - Suddenly_3250176.mrk
It recognize the song wherever it is.

Posted Wed 13 Aug 08 @ 3:12 am
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Well I am glad to see you have been running the demo since March 2008. If you like it that much you should purchase a copy.

To answer your question - No you can not consolidate into 1 database.
If you want to run two identical systems then the hard drives need to be identical in structure and then you can copy from one to the other.

VirtualDJ will recognize a MOVE of a file within the same system and between harddrives. And, the Hard drive letters are irrelevant. So if you have Hard drive A and have tracks analyzed and you with to copy them to B then do the copy and then launch VirtualDJ with both drives connected, recurse B and then go to the track locations on B and you will see the info.

You should really get a full license to avoid future issues. Though we respect cracks users are potential customers, but you have been using it since March and yet you say the only thing that is keeping your from buying it are things that we do support.

Posted Fri 15 Aug 08 @ 11:00 am