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Posted Tue 26 Feb 08 @ 5:07 pm
first hi and ım very bad engılısh,

ı ınstall vdj 5.0 and own my radio no problem ıts workıng this versions.but ı unstall thıs versıon and than ı ınstall 3.4 versıon
but the my own radıo dıdnt work and the 5.0 versıyons lısten started ip:http://88.209......:8000/VirtualDJ.mp3 no problem

but the versıyons 3.4 lısten started ıp:http://192.....:8000/VirtualDJ.mp3

thıs ıp (http://192.....:8000/VirtualDJ.mp3) my pc ip.

8000 port is open my router ??? help me pls ??????

ı want workıng the radio 3.4 versıyon.

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Posted Tue 26 Feb 08 @ 8:36 pm
in VDJ REC screen, what mode are you using "broadcast to a radio server" ... or ... "broadcast from my own computer" ? For VirtualDJ.mp3 you need to set on "broadcast from my own computer"

how do you try to connect? from same computer or from other computer?

check if windows firewall allows port 8000.

also check to connect from local machine before connect from other machine.

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Posted Wed 27 Feb 08 @ 2:22 pm
ı connect to the other computer

look this image


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Posted Wed 27 Feb 08 @ 2:52 pm
sorry !!!

ı connect the other computer

look at this image

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Posted Fri 29 Feb 08 @ 12:47 am
first of all, are you sure that your mikrofon input is the correct one? VDJ will not stream (i found this the hard way) if there is no audio coming in the input.

second, in Windows Firewall, adding VDJ as program is not enough. you have to actually add the port 8000 there.

thirdly, the screenshot of your router, you need to specify somewhere which ip addres that port 8000 is forwarding. make sure that is your local machine;s ip.

for instance, my ip available to the world is but the laptop is so port 8000 is forward to port 8000 on

lastly, why are you using v3.4 anyways? i wasnt around that long, but maybe there was something wrong with streaming back then?

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Posted Fri 29 Feb 08 @ 8:16 am
yes ım sure ı ınput correct mikrofon,8000 ports added to firefall ı use laptop,thıs ımage ıp my laptop ip ı want to use 3.4 becouse 5.0 versıyons very slower and sound is noise (ı use volume,mid,bass,treble,gain, sound is noise ı goto performance optıon anda safemod and overloack free latency ıs auto sound is noise and than 3.4 versıyons very fast workıng and sound is perfect)

my laptop:
ıntel core duo 2.0 ghz t7200
1 gb ddr 667 mhz
256 mb.ıntel

PRO Infinity
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Posted Mon 03 Mar 08 @ 2:39 pm
version 3.4 is the home edition that comes with the mk2 console...

if you pay for ver 5 you should use that.. if your having sound problems its most likely due to your settings...

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Posted Fri 29 Jan 10 @ 7:25 pm
eaew galera tenho uma pergunta aki pra vc's !!
I can not listen to my radio on the virtual line !!
I do??

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Posted Mon 12 Jul 10 @ 5:46 pm
naum consigo acessar minha pg oq eu fa├žo

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Posted Tue 07 Dec 10 @ 8:05 pm
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Posted Wed 08 Dec 10 @ 2:26 am
@Misaktor, please write in english or use the Spanish Forum. :-)


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Posted Mon 31 Jan 11 @ 3:30 pm
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Posted Thu 02 Feb 12 @ 11:19 pm
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Posted Fri 03 Feb 12 @ 4:14 am
Please do not post here these type of informations!