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Topic: controller not detected -- bullsh|t
I just got the DJ console. It is working for play/pause and all other buttons, wheels, sliders, everything seems fine BUT I cant use the headphone monitor.

when I select the dj console in the sound card section of vdj, I get an error:

"the controller has not been detected. please plug the controller in and start virtual dj again"

vdj 2.05 registered
win2k professional sp4
hercules DJ console drivers latest from their web site, firmware updated
tried dj mode and normal in hercules control panel
sound actually works out of the controller usb but no sound in headphones
the cue lights work when I switch them from left to right deck
using usb 2.0 built into motherboard VIA USB universal host controller

its not the controller, I tried mixvibes, new dj and bpm studio 4.91 and they all work great

how do I configure vdj?

Posted Sat 13 Nov 04 @ 5:40 am
arjunaPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Sadly, I've to say that with the new firmware/drivers a similar thing happens to me on Win2k, my Dj Console actually is not recognized as "DJ Console" but "USB speaker" in the "control panel / sounds" devices so VDJ doesn't accept it.

Ciao!! :)

Posted Sat 13 Nov 04 @ 12:55 pm
i gotta fix this or it is going back and I am giving it a bad review. the only way I can get it to work partially is using 4.1 mode and using the hercules control panel to switch cue back and forth. this is terrible!

Posted Sat 13 Nov 04 @ 1:06 pm
After upgrading the drivers

It will not work with VDJ demo
It will not work with VDJ full 2.05 registered version
It will not work with mixvibes 5
It will not work with bpm studio

Thanks guys. I posted 3 days ago that I was going to be reviewing the DJ console. Not one of you said "don't upgrade the drivers or it will kill the dj console" :-(

Yeah it works as a controller but what the hell is the point? the beauty of this unit is that it has cue monitor, crossfader, headphone monitor built in. As far as I am concerned, this is now a $250 paperweight and is going back.

How long has it been like this and do they intend to fix it? It's software! It can be fixed with a few line of code.

I am posting a negative review on axledentaldj's review forum


Posted Sat 13 Nov 04 @ 2:02 pm
It will not work with VDJ demo
It will not work with VDJ full 2.05 registered version
It will not work with mixvibes 5
It will not work with bpm studio it's not our fault, but a problem on your console and/or from Hercules. So please contact Hercules.

Posted Sat 13 Nov 04 @ 2:13 pm
VDJ is bundled with Hercules DJ console. That means, when a user buys the Hercules DJ console, if they upgrade the driver (as most people tend to do), the the VDJ demo no longer works! It won't even run anymore (can't find the controller). This will discourage people fom buying the full version of VDJ and atomix will lose sales.

I understand Hercules perpetrated this problem but I feel it is in atomix best interest to fix (or work around) the issue by changing the VDJ software. In this instance, I am asking for support on VirtualDJ program (of which I purchased the full version).

1. Can you please modify VDJ software next release 2.06 so that it works with the hercules new drivers/firmware.

2. Can you provide a prompt release date for this fix?

3. I feel that there should be a CLEAR warning on the VDJ forum to advise users NOT to upgrade the software for the hercules. I had NO IDEA that this would happen; and I posted days ago that I would be testing the unit with VDJ.

Thank you for your prompt response. Your answer will determine whether I keep the console or send it back


Posted Sat 13 Nov 04 @ 2:51 pm
I found a temporary work-around.

after installing latest hercules software and completely losing the use of the cue monitor...

1) I removed all traces of Hercules new software
2) Unplugged the controller
3) Rebooted the machine
4) Installed the old software from the CD with the controller unplugged
5) When it prompted for the controller I plugged it in
6) Rebooted the machine again
7)open the hercules systray icon and set it to DJ mode (note this is the old control panel)

the old control panel has two positions (This seems to work)
the new control panel has three positions

I am using the new firmware with the old control panel software and the cue is working again.

What a mess!

VDJ support: You might want to put a sticky on this forum to warn users about potential problems with the update from hercules. My advice stick with the original cd software for now.

I really want to use the new ASIO drivers with VDJ. I guess I will have to wait until something is done about this.


Posted Sat 13 Nov 04 @ 11:08 pm
It stopped working again. Launch VDJ "hercules DJ console not found" This is frustrating.

Posted Sun 14 Nov 04 @ 2:40 pm
arjunaPRO InfinityMember since 2004
...I agree with Support staff, it's Hercules fault.... and to be honest on my WinMe the new driver/firmware combo is accepted without problems; I want to point out that we're talking about individual configurations ;)

Ciao!! :)

Posted Sun 14 Nov 04 @ 2:42 pm
The controller is there, the controller works.

VDJ needs to identify it correctly so the Hercules DJ console "sound settings" and the cue monitor work.

Please find another way to identify the controller Atomix!

Posted Sun 14 Nov 04 @ 2:44 pm
here is the exact message (with typo's) when you set VDJ to Hercules DJ sound mode:

The controler has not been detected.
Please plug the controler and start VirtualDJ again.

Posted Sun 14 Nov 04 @ 3:01 pm

Posted Mon 15 Nov 04 @ 4:20 pm
I too have had problems with ASIO with VDJ.

More imporant than ASIO is the use of the CUE monitor. When you set VDJ to Hercules in the sound settings, and start up the program, it does not find the controller. The controller works to control the decks start/stop but the internal mixer is useless. This defeats the purpose of the DJ Console

Posted Tue 16 Nov 04 @ 1:29 pm