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Topic: Now That's What I Call Music 25

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Picked this up yesterday at walmart thinking it would only be a couple download tracks, turned out to be 27 of em. Just finished running endurance tests of VDJ with all 47 songs on my MK2 and all in all about 3 hours worth of modern music in a few differant styles, definatly a good buy for gigging at only $14. Word of warning though, the download files are WMA with DRM protection, so download them directly to your computer of choice as the license will not transer between computers. They seem to be running in VDJ without any problem at all. The downloadable songs are as follows;^]

1 Voices - Saosin 3:41 Saosin 3.5Mb

2 Tina - Flyleaf 2:35 Flyleaf 2.5Mb

3 Take A Drink - Quietdrive 2:45 Quietdrive 2.6Mb

4 In The Clouds - Under The Influence Of Giants 3:46 Under The Influence Of Giants 3.6Mb

5 Gone Are The Days - Joseph Israel 4:41 Joseph Israel 4.5Mb

6 Beautiful Disaster - Jon McLaughlin 4:16 Jon McLaughlin 4.1Mb

7 Put Your Hands On Me Baby - Joss Stone 3:01 Joss Stone 2.9Mb

8 All The Same - Sick Puppies 3:30 Sick Puppies 3.4Mb

9 Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis 3:37 The Fratellis 3.5Mb

10 Just For You - William Tell 3:35 William Tell 3.4Mb

11 Slipping Under (Sing Along To Your Favorite Song) - William Tell 3:36 William Tell 3.5Mb

12 Say This Sooner - The Almost 3:16 The Almost 3.1Mb

13 The Story - Brandi Carlile 4:02 Brandi Carlile 3.9Mb

14 Juicy - Candy Hill 4:05 Candy Hill 3.9Mb

15 Thinking Of You - Test Your Reflex 3:39 Test Your Reflex 3.5Mb

16 Only The World - Mandisa 3:28 Mandisa 3.3Mb

17 Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy 4:33 A Fine Frenzy 4.4Mb

18 Pictures Of You - The Last Goodnight 3:12 The Last Goodnight 3.1Mb

19 Selah! Selah! - Mike Farris 3:33 Mike Farris 3.4Mb

20 Can't Let Go (Radio Edit) - Linda Kiraly 4:05 Linda Kiraly 3.9Mb

21 Love Song - Sara Bareilles 4:21 Sara Bareilles 4.2Mb

22 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (The Proposal Song) - Baby Boy Da Prince 5:11 Baby Boy Da Prince 5.0Mb

23 Just What I'm Looking For - Matt White 3:02 Matt White 2.9Mb

24 Second Chance - Faber Drive 4:00 Faber Drive 3.8Mb

25 Best Days - Graham Colton 3:39 Graham Colton Band 3.5Mb

26 South Side Of Heaven - Ryan Bingham 4:17 Ryan Bingham 4.1Mb

27 Devil & The Cross - Halfway to Hazard 4:18 Halfway To Hazard 4.1Mb

Posted Fri 20 Jul 07 @ 11:20 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
be aware it certainly is ilegal to play what i call music tunes in the uk

and i would imagine the usa without paying a licence fee for the public rights to do so

the disks usualy say " public performance stictly forbidden"

Posted Fri 20 Jul 07 @ 11:49 pm
Nope, nothing like that on my disc & I've never heard of laws like that for DJ's here. Not sure if this buy is available in the UK;^]

Posted Sat 21 Jul 07 @ 12:16 am
djsherzPRO InfinityMember since 2006
We have the "Now...." collection in the uk, but it's not the same one as you guys in the US have... I think Now 57 was released this week....

Posted Mon 23 Jul 07 @ 1:26 pm
Is it illegal over there to use any compilation cd or just those ones? Man, you could spend a hundred bucks on artists feature length cd's & still only have about an hours worth of playable music. Compilation cds are always the first I look at;^]

Posted Tue 24 Jul 07 @ 1:02 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
all compilations marked "not for public broadcast/performance"

have to get special cds from promo only or white label

or purchase a prs or mcps licence here

Posted Tue 24 Jul 07 @ 12:51 pm
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007

you also need a ppl license if your using a lappy or pc to perform in the uk and the onus is also on the dj that the venue they are working in also has a valid ppl license


Posted Tue 24 Jul 07 @ 2:39 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
yeh the lnfamous PPL Digital DJ licence

only 1% of djs actualy own it

the thing is it only licences you to play artists who register with them , not that many have if you actualy read so you could argue its a massive scamm

many famous djs refused to pay outright

Posted Tue 24 Jul 07 @ 4:55 pm
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007

i want my money back...


Posted Tue 24 Jul 07 @ 6:36 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
cant hurt you having it guess it could be a good avert High quality ppl licenced service ect.

Posted Tue 24 Jul 07 @ 7:45 pm
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007

actually thats what i've been doing for the last few month putting the ppl logo with licensed below that on all promo, letterheads and invoices (never know whose going to pick the invoice up) seems to be working ok as we get a lot of kids coming in the area trying to highjack gigs with ridiculously low prices at some venues when asked if they got a license never see them

only other problem i'm worried about is me spreading the good word and everybody getting vdj and me losing the one up-manship, never mind can't have everything...

would show you the way i made my logo up but don't know how to upload it, may help others in their pitch...


Posted Tue 24 Jul 07 @ 9:07 pm

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