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Topic: VDJ 4.1 and DMX - how to make them work together????
I have a problem with VDJ 4.1 and DMX module.
DMX module isconnected to USB port and it works with other programs, but VDJ doesn't see the DMX interface - no funky way....
The DMX is similar to this one:
and I use drivers from this site.

Just today I bought DMX interface and 4 channels dimmer - and thwy work 2gether, so there is no problem with drivers or connections - but there's something with VDJ.

any ideas how to make it work all together????

Posted Tue 05 Jun 07 @ 1:42 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
hi there please update to the latest demo

4.1 is no longer available

for dmx in vdj you must have the sudi dmx unit

hope to see you with us soon

Posted Tue 05 Jun 07 @ 1:59 am
1. So - does VDJ v.4.2 work with DMX
2. There is no results for "sudi DMX" search in Google, so can you give me a link to the related website?

And - I will download and install latest demo, but will it change anything?

BTW. I have two iCDX units. They work great with VDJ, but when I'm disconnecting one of them, the small window appears with message "video error" (or something sililar) - what is the reason?

But most interesting question - what with this SUDI DMX? Is this just one and only one unit supported by VDJ or maybe I need just to change USB -> DMX drivers for my interface?

Posted Tue 05 Jun 07 @ 7:42 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
its the one box supported by vdj

i will find a link

for your icdx question i suggest you

make a support ticket

Posted Tue 05 Jun 07 @ 2:23 pm