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Topic: asio driver error
hi al
getiing this error " errior in the asio driver sound driver not enough channels "
the gigapot ag /esi usb sound card i have is powered up...
im have a demo version (4.2)... set it up as advised in another forum..
everytime i config the asio driver it shows the channels greyed out ( cant change sttings )
i also used another asio driver and that showed that the in channels were off ... but out ok
and again i cant change any setting for this in channel
i have removed my pci sound card... disabled all that i think might be causeing this
could it be a usb problem ... mine is 1.1..
anybody got any ideas?
thanks in advance
dj jarvis

Posted Thu 08 Feb 07 @ 9:26 pm

Posted Thu 08 Feb 07 @ 10:16 pm
djejPRO InfinityMember since 2004
if your s/c is asio reinstall the drivers from it. seems like drivers drop off sometimes. I have a maya and it happens. asio4all as I understand it is a "fake" asio driver, that will work if your s/c is not asio. Good luck.

Posted Sun 11 Feb 07 @ 2:57 am