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Topic: MK2 and stanton vinyl
Hey All,

Very cool finally VDJ is comming to MAC! I hope this will be very soon because I have some gigs comming up in May.
Does anybody know when we can expect this brand new version?!

Anyhow... I was wondering if the Hercules MK2 + Stanton timecode vinyl will work with this new version. It doesn't with Traktor...

Stef Segers

Posted Sun 04 Feb 07 @ 10:32 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
stanton vinyl only works with older stanton/tractor products

you will need virtual dj vinyl ,

mk2 will work you just need to pick up the mac drivers from the herc website :)

Posted Sun 04 Feb 07 @ 12:36 pm