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Topic: new version 3.3 is available - Page: 1

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Hello everybody,

While a major new VirtualDJ with a brand new sound engine is still under work, we have still released a small patch to the actual version to correct a few bugs.
This might make this new release looks "weak" compared to the usual releases, but version 3.2 had at least three major bugs that could make the software freeze or crash, so we definitely had to correct that asap.
So now you can enjoy version 3.3 (which is more a kind of v3.2sp2 in fact) with the same feature as 3.2, but a much better stability and confidence.

Posted Wed 04 Jan 06 @ 4:08 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003
freeze when analysing DRM'ed WMA files corrected
Memory leak in gif/jpg decompression corrected
crash on some PromoOnly ripped DVD fixed

Native compatibility with FreeFrame video plugins
Separated author/title search in Global Database
Can pre-download Napster tracks in the background

Thanks alot Team :)

Posted Wed 04 Jan 06 @ 4:09 pm
Thanks guys. I never tried the 3.2 because of all the crash reports so I'm hoping this version gets a lot better reviews. I'm always looking forward to a better product so hats off to the dev team. Also looking forward to the new version with better sound quality.

Posted Wed 04 Jan 06 @ 4:23 pm
apopsisPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2003
Thanks for the update and more thanks for the litle informations.

As the bug fixes not affect my way fo working i'll wait for the next update(s), but i'm sure the current update is usefull for other users.

Posted Wed 04 Jan 06 @ 4:33 pm
bogartPRO InfinityMember since 2004
I Have 3.2 on my desktop but have not installed it on the gig box, even though it has been working fine on the desktop. Reading aboutr the crashes made me hesitant about putting it on the actual machine I use. Thinsk I'll also wait for the next update. 3.1 has been too stable for me to mess with right now.

Posted Wed 04 Jan 06 @ 5:35 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003
bogart, always with these problems, they only apply to the unlucky few, I'm running 3.2 and have been since it was released, I use it intensely and for many hours at a time, no problems unless provoked my friend, always bear that in mind.., with every new release you'll get a topic dedicated to complaints, sadly most of these complaints can't be blamed on the software as it only applies to the very few.

Actual bugs that are recognised get put on the correct forum and then forwarded to the team to test and act on, when REAL problems are made clear they are adressed (if a bit delayed sometimes).

Posted Wed 04 Jan 06 @ 5:40 pm
l_ridsPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I never upgraded to v3.2 for the same reasons that anewsome had. I'll wait for the reviews to flow through as I am content with v3.1 at the mo.

Posted Wed 04 Jan 06 @ 8:29 pm
Thanks for the update .
Cheers graham [musicmatch]

Posted Wed 04 Jan 06 @ 8:48 pm
At the club now, so will have to wait til I get home. I did not know about these crashes. I have been using 3.2 since it came out, and have not had any problems. I use 8 hours a day, and some times 15, when I do a double. This includes hours of video mixing. I have only been using since Aug, and you guys seem to be on top of things. Everyone will not be happy, but you can't please everyone, all the time. You are still faster with bug fixes and updates, then the other software I use. I don't mean that as a slap, because I don't have a clue as to what goes on in programming, and don't care. I just use the final product, just like any other tool I use.

Posted Wed 04 Jan 06 @ 10:24 pm
Thanks for the new update. I for one am still using 2.06 with no problems. As soon as a better sound engine comes out, I will upgrade. But hats off to the hard working DEV Team for all thier hard work and FREE upgrades...


Posted Thu 05 Jan 06 @ 12:23 am
Dj XeoPRO InfinityMember since 2005
official confirmation of a fortcoming new sound engine. hope they take this oppertunity to incorporate alot of new thinking and technology into it. have to say im loving it, i cant wait lol, just wish they could have announced theyre working on it sooner lol. it will be nice to have even better sound quality from my VDJ system soon :) VDJ 4.0 here we come!

Separate tempo and key change controls for each deck

additional optional players for vocals and instrumentals

better timecode filter to remove glitches and pops

Posted Thu 05 Jan 06 @ 1:06 am
Kudos to the dev team for their hard work in updating VDJ. Can't wait for the new sound engine in 4.0! Man, would be awesome if they included some more VST Plug in Sound effects to complement the new sound engine. Perhaps a vocoder for the microphone feature? Keep up the good work!
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Posted Thu 05 Jan 06 @ 1:20 am
Once again, good job. Thanks, dev team.

P.s. it was very clever to tell something about what's dev team doing.

R.e.s.t.e.k.p. :-)

Posted Thu 05 Jan 06 @ 1:54 pm
bogartPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Bagpuss: I am not critisizng the program at all. Basically agreeing with anewsome & aposis. This program is definetly kick butt. I am using 3.1 on my main machine without any problems, and just choose to keep using 3.1 for now. Hope the staff and others did not take offense, as I really did not mean my comment as a put down.

Posted Thu 05 Jan 06 @ 5:23 pm
No worries Bogart ;) I dont think Bagpuss meant it that way...
There are quite a few that hasn't updated, because the bug fix doesn't apply to features they use

Posted Thu 05 Jan 06 @ 5:28 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Sorry Bogart, I simply meant: With every update problems are ALWAYS presented to the unlucky few, hence forth there will always be a topic dedicated to problems/complaints, but these problems are not always related to the software it' self, updating is usually the safer/wiser thing to do IMO, but of course do it when you have down time and can run the 'risk' of any potential problems occuring.

Also bear in mind the small tweaks that are done but not listed, not updating isn't the way to go.


Posted Thu 05 Jan 06 @ 5:47 pm
apopsisPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2003
I updated btw, its a very small update 2-3 mb, i thought i was 26 megs the first time i show the size in bytes.

Posted Thu 05 Jan 06 @ 5:50 pm
bogartPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Bagpuss; No need for apology. Just wanted to be sure rest of community didn't take it the wrong way . I don't use the program to the fullest as most of you guys do. That is why I don't really see a need for the update just yet.

Posted Thu 05 Jan 06 @ 6:02 pm
listen2PRO InfinityMember since 2005
i always install updates, if needed or not... if there was a real issue you can always go back to the prior version, i understand if you were doing live gigs where there is no room for trial and error so you can test it out first but if you don't update how is anyone going to know what issues need to be corrected in the event that new bugs are found.

Posted Thu 05 Jan 06 @ 6:15 pm
I upgraded today and my main screen still says v3.2. In the "infos" tab it says v3.3. Was this update so minor that they didn't bother changing the main screen version number?



Posted Thu 05 Jan 06 @ 7:39 pm
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