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Topic: DMX Control, how does it work?
I know a few of us have been beating our heads against the keyboard trying to figure out the DMX control....

do you have any instructions?

is it open-DMX dongle compatible?

please advise....

where do we get directions for use?


Posted Wed 23 Nov 05 @ 12:26 pm

Posted Wed 23 Nov 05 @ 12:40 pm

Posted Wed 23 Nov 05 @ 12:46 pm
ok, but support staff, where do we get instructions?

I have a siudi, a velleman, and an entec dongle.... once I hook one up, what do I do?


Posted Wed 23 Nov 05 @ 8:39 pm
go into settings > remote controls > DMX(SUIDI) click enable
and a new window with the control should apper

Posted Wed 23 Nov 05 @ 9:22 pm
@Steve - Which model do you have?


Posted Wed 23 Nov 05 @ 10:47 pm

Posted Thu 24 Nov 05 @ 12:28 am
not sure, I have the siudi unit that comes with elation compuware...

The other dongles are open dmx... i use them with freestyler, which is the greatest dmx software of all...

not to mention completely open source and free...

it puts light jockey to shame with it's simplicity and features...


Posted Thu 24 Nov 05 @ 7:05 am
DJ Gio,
did you also compare freestyler with sunlite? I downloaded freestyler also and have a try.

Posted Thu 24 Nov 05 @ 6:26 pm
What I'd really like to do is put together something to tie a good DJ application to my BlueLite system ( I'm probably the opposite of most of the people here in that I'm a lighting first, music/musician second person.

I was looking at all the 'high end' PC controllers at LDI, Hog PC, Light Jockey, even Maxxyz PC, which Martin just released into beta. I almost passed the BlueLite by because their one universe system is about $600 less than Sunlite and I found out the hard way that the Sunlite/Compuware stuff just wasn't up to what I want to do (I've got the 2004 version of Compupro I'd let go cheap).

I looked at going with Freestyler or one of the other freeware programs but gave up on them. I do quite a few corporate events and outdoor shows. By the time I put together all the pieces I wasn't saving any money (the smallest BlueLite dongle is DMX-in, DMX-out, SMPTE-in, and SMPTE-out and sells for < $300). And some types of shows would still be a kludge.

The BlueLite has a screen that is pretty good for DJs, but I think it could be a lot better. They have an API for programmers and the samples are pretty extensive. Locking to audio, sophisticated chasers. I'd like to do a plug-in for Virtual DJ (or some other good DJ app) that uses the API. I've worked through the BlueLite samples but I haven't looked at the Virtual DJ plug-in stuff yet to see if it is within my programming skills.

Posted Sat 26 Nov 05 @ 4:28 am
juhuHome userMember since 2005
"might work with these too:"
(same as SIUDI-EC)
I have one of these but i´dont own the software so i can´ test if it works with it.
So does anyone know for sure if it works with the interface?

How much funktions are there in the "dmx controller"
enough to run scanners and yokes, does it suport 16bit resolution?

(nowdays got one computer runing bpm studio, and anotherone running showcad Artist) would be a lot easier if i could use the same software for audio and lights. '

When will the demo version of 3,2 be availabe so, that i could try how good it is for controlling lights (like jbstaging i´m also a light first person)

not knowing if it works with my dongle, and because I got the impression from the history page that the controller i quite basic,
I think that i can find better ways to spend my 124€ + 289 € for dongle. if im wrong correct me.

Posted Wed 30 Nov 05 @ 9:08 pm

Posted Sat 14 Jan 06 @ 12:51 am
I too have used the bluelite api to do some cool things. The live panel will except midi commands. I have been searching for a way to use my VMS5 to control the live panel by sending midi commands to it. Sounds easy, but not much info on how to send MIDI to a virtual controller that the live panel could use. I use a NSI board at the moment to control the live panel via MIDI so I know it works. Any help or just sending me in the right direction would be helpful.

Here is a example of what I'd like to do.
First, would need a virtual midi device that the Bluelite Live Panel could connect to.
From VirtualDJ 8, write to the virtual device when a key is pressed on the VMS5.
example may be to press the hot cue button to send a midi command to the live panel to launch a lighting cue or chase.

Posted Thu 07 Sep 17 @ 6:11 pm

Posted Thu 07 Sep 17 @ 7:44 pm
I looked at that plug in. I have a plus version only so I can not download and try. May need to upgrade to test,

Posted Fri 08 Sep 17 @ 1:20 am
user14110256 wrote :
I looked at that plug in. I have a plus version only so I can not download and try. May need to upgrade to test,

Yes, what you seek to do needs a PRO license.

Posted Fri 08 Sep 17 @ 7:14 am
As this thread is a little dated, please continue all DMX discussions here, thank you.

Locked by AMAHM

Posted Fri 08 Sep 17 @ 7:25 am