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Topic: I need a tune I.D

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ok, I have been looking for this one tune for quite some time.

I heard it many times in my local nightclub and I would really appreciate any help in trying to find out the name of it.

It's a housey type tune, which starts off like any other tune but as it progresses towards the middle, everything goes silent and you hear this guy talk about some stuff for 2 min.

It then kicks into a mad beat and has these repeating felamle vocals where she says something like "you are creepy".

I would really appreciate anyones guess on the name of the song..


Posted Fri 26 Oct 01 @ 3:39 am
Hi, thought I might help you out with that track i.d. The song is called "You are sleeping" by PQM. You can find it on audiogalaxy for mp3 download. It's a crazy song, hope you find it!

Posted Wed 07 Nov 01 @ 1:18 am

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