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Topic: DAF - Brothers / Anyone know of a dance remix of that

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I wonder whether you know the track "Brothers" from "DAF", but it's one of my favourites in my "oldies" section (not that it's thát old).

But, I'm wondering whether anyone knows of a Dance Remix which could have been made based on this number.

I personally believe it would sound great with a more pumpy bassline - so I might try remixing it myself ;-)

By the way - for a Party we threw last WE (playing with Atomix off course) I made my own "techno-alike" track (5 minutes) through Dance e-Jay which featured many samples on the product that was being celebrated. And another thing I did which was perceived very well is the broadcasting of a "musical interview", i.e. it's like you interview someone (in my case a personality which was present) but you replace his supposed answers (or the opposite of those - for the fun) by musical fragments.


DJ Corpse

Posted Mon 14 May 01 @ 10:39 pm
Keep those re-mixes coming m8 - and let us all know about them - and more importantly, where we can listen to/download them!

Posted Tue 15 May 01 @ 12:29 am
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Posted Fri 18 May 01 @ 5:57 pm

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