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Topic: I need help plz....
ok heres the deal..i use 2 soundcards..

soundblaster 128 + Turtle beach montego

1) im using a external mixer and want to record the mixing...
i know that option isnt possible with atomix..what program should i i can get the bass lowering i do between the fading...

2) is there a plugin where u can manage the bass, treble, gain? to atomix? or something similar...the most important part is the bass....cause the built in recording is good...but if u cant take away the doesnt sound too professional..

plzz if anyone can help me...answer here...i would really really appriciate it!..


Dj Gaz

Posted Fri 09 Nov 01 @ 7:10 pm
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
Upgrade to Atomix 2.0!

As for the external mixer, connect the recording output to your soundcard's line in and use another program (heck, even sound recorder will work) to record from that source.

Posted Mon 03 Dec 01 @ 8:50 pm