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Topic: Vocal Remover?????
how does a vocalremover work, is that all it removes, can anyone give me some general info on these and what they do??????THANX KOZY

Posted Wed 13 Jun 01 @ 2:30 am
Generally how a vocal remover works is it analyzes the two channels of music. When a song recorded in stereo is analyzed instruments (for the most part) vary in amplitude in each separate channel. The program looks for any frequencys occuring at the same time (obviously) and at the same amplitude, the frequencys that usually show this characteristic are vocals, the program then simply removes (through equalization usually) those parts. Make sense?

Posted Wed 13 Jun 01 @ 3:09 am
I really don't understand the above, but i'm sure it's right, but as you know so much about, is it in the new version then????

Posted Fri 15 Jun 01 @ 7:22 pm
Errr - think u got the wrong end of the stick - the vocal remover is not in Atomix - it is a plugin you have to download from the site, which will work in Atomix.

Posted Sat 16 Jun 01 @ 2:45 pm
You gotta watch out for the wrong end of the stick... bad things can happen...

Posted Sun 17 Jun 01 @ 11:46 am
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I need a VR that works really good and not one that sounds like speech under water, can anybody help me?

Posted Mon 10 Dec 01 @ 11:24 am