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Topic: Blondy's Skins

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sblondyHome userMember since 2001
My new skin, designed from scratch, is supposed to be released now. Comments/Suggestions are welcomed here.

Posted Tue 27 Mar 01 @ 2:13 pm
How about a download link?

Posted Mon 14 May 01 @ 12:50 am
Yeah, a download link would work nicely

Posted Mon 18 Jun 01 @ 11:16 pm
sblondyHome userMember since 2001
It took them few months to release one skin... let's see how much it takes for a whole new version.
Blondy is waiting for the new atomix to release more compatible skins. Not that anyone cares anymore.

Posted Mon 20 Aug 01 @ 10:07 pm
sblondyHome userMember since 2001
Another one bites the dust.
AtomixRed ver.1.

Posted Sat 15 Sep 01 @ 2:51 pm

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