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Topic: Make sure you test it out Atomix team...

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I hope the Atomix team tests the new version with WindowsXP, as that will have become the standard OS by the time they release (if they're ever going to) the next version...

DJ W!L$()


Posted Tue 12 Jun 01 @ 12:32 pm
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003

I have tested atomixmp3 1.2 under WinXp beta 2 yesterday! It works very fine and I haven't notice any slow down.
Besides, the author has tried atomix under this OS during the development stage so we can hope good results on this OS.

Have a nice day,

Posted Tue 12 Jun 01 @ 5:28 pm
According to Microshite, WinXP should be able to run all software for any of the platforms from win95 to 2000/ME without any problem - but knowing MS, it's best that it has been tested !!!

Posted Tue 12 Jun 01 @ 9:49 pm
Dave- This is the same company who told everyone that ME would make their computers run faster and more efficiently. Personally I installed it, then formatted back to 98 after about 2 weeks. I had so many problems it wasn't even funny.

What platform is everyone else running it on?

Does the atomix team have stats as to which platform runs the prog most stable?

Posted Wed 13 Jun 01 @ 3:21 am
mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I run it on a W2k Professional system and since I upgraded from Win98, I didn´t have any crashes.


Posted Wed 13 Jun 01 @ 7:23 am
So as you have been testing Yan-X and Mama, we could finally expect AtomixMp3 v1.2 this week???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Posted Wed 13 Jun 01 @ 12:15 pm
That's great that it will work in WindowsXP, it probably sounded like I was a tad rude, but I can assure you I didn't mean to be...

I have to agree with Saint_James, WindowsME is a JOKE, I'm back to duel-booting Win98 & Win2000, both these OS's are great. 98 is all over ME in performance as I had a terrible time getting ME to work with my recent upgrade to an AMD Athlon.

Anyway that's great news Yan, hope to be using the new version soon =)

DJ W!L$()

Posted Wed 13 Jun 01 @ 2:42 pm
I use Windows ME and I have had 0 problems w/ it. In fact Atomixmp3 works great on my system. I have never crashed and the program runs flawless.

Posted Wed 13 Jun 01 @ 4:55 pm
Awesome... congrats.

But.. it didn't work so good for me.

Posted Thu 14 Jun 01 @ 9:34 pm
I use Windows ME and find it to be faster and less problematic than Win98, although i tried win2000,it wouldn't work with my SB PCI128 and was slower than a Railtrack train.

DJ Wilso, I was interested to read that you had problems with an AMD Athlon and WinME. I have here a computer using an AMD Athlon 1Ghz chip, 128MB of memory, the works really. Despite this the computer takes an age to boot and when it is eventually running it takes forever to open up small programs. If you get it to compute something, it does it tremendously quickly, yet takes an hour to open ICQ.

My other computer uses winme has a K6 II 450Mhz with 96MB ram and goes like hell. I open ICQ on that computer, a few seconds later its up and ready and it doesn't 'freeze' up the computer while its opening it.

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.


Posted Fri 15 Jun 01 @ 2:37 pm
For the Anonymous person above.....

I've currently got an AMD Athlon 1.2GHz @ 1.4GHz, 256MB RAM and all the other odds & ends. The problem I think I had with WinME was that when I installed the VIA 4-in-1 drivers, I restarted the machine, and nothing, it sort of booted up then it just hung with a black screen (my default bg.) with the mouse cursor in the middle and that was it.... ????

Got me thinking, anyway went backto Win98 and NO PROBLEMS there... =)
As I said above I duel-boot with Win2000 as well, so I can have the best of both worlds...

Anyway everything runs flatchat on this beast including Atomix, so I don't recommend using WinME if you have the same specs as me.

DJ W!L$()

Posted Fri 15 Jun 01 @ 4:54 pm
Thanks, i might try putting Win98 on this machine, see if that sorts it out. Problem is it means setting everything up again which means lots of hassle...

If anybody wants to join me in my 'let's hang Bill Gates Quest' then please tell me. Membership is free and includes a noose and some hot branding irons with the $ mark on them.

Posted Sat 16 Jun 01 @ 12:31 pm
How to use headphones in Atomix?

Posted Sun 17 Jun 01 @ 11:00 pm

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