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Topic: For The Ladies...

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Any birds here fancy a shag?

Posted Fri 11 May 01 @ 11:42 pm
ah....and this helps atomx how exactly???

Posted Sun 13 May 01 @ 10:34 pm
Hmmmmm - good chat up line!!!

I'll have to try that one myself......NOT

Posted Mon 14 May 01 @ 9:46 am
dj2nvHome userMember since 2004
u dont need a pickup line
arent u married??

Posted Mon 14 May 01 @ 11:52 am
dj2nvHome userMember since 2004
DJ Nero

Posted Mon 14 May 01 @ 11:53 am
Almost - engaged.

But I somehow don't think I would be if I used chatup lines like that....LOL

Posted Mon 14 May 01 @ 11:57 am
I guess it's an English thing, 'cause that works really well over here in California... well if your trying to get syphillis, or slapped. Either or...

Posted Tue 22 May 01 @ 9:20 am

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