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Topic: Hotcues XT
Discussion about Hotcues XT

Extended Hotcues Page
  • Auto sense 8 or 16 pads mode
  • Access up to 112 Hotcues
  • Easy to update Hotcues
  • Programmable Hotcue Actions
  • Toggle Programmable Hotcue Actions Execution On/Off

Instructions Basic:
1. To set a hotcue press a pad
2. To update a hotcue (set the same hotcue on a different location) hold SHIFT down and press a pad
3. To delete a hotcue hold SHIFT down and hold the pad down for 500ms
4. To navigate between the different pages that offer access to different hotcues use PAD PARAM buttons.
5. To jump to previous/next hotcue hold SHIFT and press PAD PARAM buttons.

Instructions Advanced:
1. Record an action POI:
Use the pad page menu, select "Action POI Record", and then the type of action POI you wish to record. Four different types are supported.
Once you select the type of action you wish to record, press a pad. The action will get recorded and the pads will return to normal operation mode.

2. Playback of action POIs
The action POIs recorded with this pad page won't be executed unless a switch (variable) is turned on. Use the pad page menu, and select "Action POI Execute" item every time you wish the actions to get executed.
The switch (variable) is LOCAL, in other words it's used on a per deck basis.
If you wish to map a button on your keyboard or controller to toggle the execution of action POIs on/off you can use the following code:
deck X toggle 'ExecMacro'

If you want to disable the selective execution of action POIs and have them always execute, put the following code on the "ONINIT" key of your keyboard mapper:
deck all set 'ExecMacro' 1

3. The current "page" displayed is controlled by a local (per deck) variable, name 'hcpage'
If you want every time you load a new song on your deck the pad page to return automatically on first hotcues page, put the following code on the "ONSONGLOAD" key of your keyboard mapper:
set 'hcpage' 0

A. The last programmable action (Start Next Deck) currently uses only decks 1 & 2
B. If there are some other popular scripts for action POIs please let me know and I may consider to include them. However I will not consider adding too many scripts (especially weird ones that will be used only by one or two users) as I want to keep it clean.
C. If you wish to remap your controller to be able to record action POIs without using the pad page menu, then the variable you need is "RecMacro"
"RecMacro" goes to 0 after each recording.
Values 1, 2, 3 and 4 represent the four different actions that can be recorded. New values may be included in the future if new actions get added.

Posted Wed 22 Jun 22 @ 3:49 pm
Doesn't seem to be showing up in the extensions/pads?

Posted Wed 22 Jun 22 @ 4:10 pm
It just got approved, so it may need some time before VirtualDJ refreshes its cache and show it up.

Posted Wed 22 Jun 22 @ 4:19 pm
majestixPRO SubscriberMember since 2014
@PhantomDeejay: Thanks a lot for the short 'manual'. Navigating between the pages works perfectly using pad_param +/- 'number'. I was wondering if it is also possible to jump directly to a specific hcpage (e.g. hcpage 1) and if yes, how?


Posted Wed 20 Jul 22 @ 9:24 am
set 'hcpage' 0
will make the pad page to show page 1.
Personally I have included the above code on my keyboard "ONSONGLOAD" key mapping.
This way every time I load a new track the hotcues page resets to the first page.

If you want to do more funky stuff, hcpage can take values 0-6 in 16 pads mode and 0-13 in 8 pads mode.

Posted Wed 27 Jul 22 @ 10:41 am