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Topic: DDJ-FLX6 Skin?
geemixPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Does anyone know if there will be a skin for this controller?

I am using default for now and/or Blocks skin.

But would love a custom one made for this controller.


Posted Sun 22 May 22 @ 8:46 am
When you say "made for this controller" I assume what you actually mean is "looks like this controller"?

Skins are not made for any particular controller. Skins are generic, they will work with any controller.

Other leading DJ software is exactly the same. The software does not look like any particular controller.

Posted Sun 22 May 22 @ 7:15 pm
Skins that "look like" controllers died some time ago. It's all about being cool now and ooking like Serato apparently.

Posted Sun 22 May 22 @ 7:48 pm