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Topic: Moving Playlists from Numark Cue to VDJ!
Hey everyone,

I finally upgraded my equipment and just purchased a Denon Prime 2 and new MacBook Air and while trying to move my music on my external hard drive from Nuemark Cue (yeah, I know. It's old -- but worked!) to the latest VDJ, all the music transferred, but none of my playlists, history, etc. I've went through the forums and I don't understand how to make sure the playlists move and I really don't want to have to sit and move every song one by one. Any help on this?

I'm currently running version 7.4.7 Mac (b508). Any help on this!?

Also, with the Prime 2, it says I can put my logo on the jog wheel and I can when using a USB and using the engine platform, but when I switch to computer mode, the logo goes away. Any ideas on that too? Thanks in advance!

Posted Thu 12 May 22 @ 6:17 pm
Try copy over from /documents/Cue/ to documents/VirtualDJ from the local drive, the following folders:

- Tracklisting (copy the content only to History folder in VirtualDJ)
- Playlists

And possibly other things if you want to keep. But they might be already too outdated.

( As for the logo on Prime 2, if I remember right, that feature is not supported in Computer mode)

Posted Sat 14 May 22 @ 8:48 am