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Topic: [newbie] plugin not loading
Hi all.

I think I am missing something very basic.
I am on an M1 Mac.
I successfully built the simple plugin example from (https://www.virtualdj.com/wiki/Plugins_SDKv8_Example.html)
I placed the bundle in ~/Documents/VirtualDJ/PluginsMacArm/AutoStart
I restarted VDJ.
I don't see the plugin in the list.
For debugging purposes, the OnLoad() function writes a character to a file in /tmp. This also doesn't work.
What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

Posted Sun 02 Jan 22 @ 10:49 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
auto start is a restricted class of plugins for home users, so instead move the files to soundeffects

Posted Sun 02 Jan 22 @ 11:01 pm
Thanks for responding. Moved to SoundEffects. Still no joy.

Should I be able to see the plugin under Options->Extensions?
Are there logs somewhere that I can examine?

Thanks again :-)

Posted Mon 03 Jan 22 @ 1:03 am
I'm not a MAC expert, but:
1) No, your plugin won't be visible under Options->extensions. That place is reserved for plugins that have been submitted to us, have been tested and then approved for general use.

2) Your plugin will be visible on the drop down menus of effect slots depending on it's type (audio, video e.t.c.)

3) Since you have a M1 MAC try to put your plugin on plugins64 folder instead and run VirtualDJ through Rosetta. That's a basic test because I'm not sure if the SDK (or our compiler) needs a switch in order to have your plugin compiled for ARM architecture. When you run VirtualDJ as a native ARM application it cannot use non-arm plugins. And the opposite. Therefore for starters I would personally try to get it working in "compatibility mode" through Rosetta first and then proceed to make any changes required to make it compile as an ARM plugin

Posted Sat 29 Jan 22 @ 11:31 am