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Topic: Overlay update (in-game control virtual DJ like steam and so on...)
ftk789Home userMember since 2016
Guys i guess overlay uptade will be awesome, like control virtualDJ in-game, it will be awesome!

Posted Fri 27 Mar 20 @ 7:51 pm

Not sure what you meant by that... or how visioned to use that

(VirtualDJ does have overlays over the video output, showing what you do, and also screengrab to overlay chat etc on the video output, but that wouldnt be exactly same i guess :))

Posted Fri 27 Mar 20 @ 8:44 pm
ftk789Home userMember since 2016
Like (Im in a game playing, i wanted to change what is playing, i press a shortcut like (Ctrl+Tab) it will bring a small screen of virtual DJ in the screen and do what ever u want while still in the game) i think it will bee good in my opinion

Posted Fri 08 May 20 @ 6:30 pm