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Topic: HOW TO? Dual DJ's broadcasting remotely from two locations but during one show HELP
Any ideas how this can be done?

Posted Fri 21 Feb 20 @ 10:13 pm
im looking to find out myself ?

Posted Wed 06 Oct 21 @ 6:08 pm
Hey I think I have found a short term solution, there is a small program called Butt ( yes i know ) have a look at this and let me know how you got on.. https://danielnoethen.de/butt/

Posted Sun 29 May 22 @ 7:25 am
If you have a controller with dual USB port that allows two djs to perform back to back then the record loop back they provide on their sound setup should capture the sound of both systems and therefore allow you to both record and broadcast the entire show no matter which computer/dj is performing

Posted Sun 29 May 22 @ 10:03 am