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djmilaPRO InfinityMember since 2008
blink elapsed time on start

Posted Tue 03 Dec 19 @ 10:35 pm
This has been fixed already for next update (most likely next week )

Posted Wed 04 Dec 19 @ 9:05 am
First, Thanks for this wonderful interface!!

I have a question, Is it possible to remove or disable individual buttons on the row of default buttons? The Randomize button has a been a problem for me as it is so close to the AutoMix Options button in the Auto Mix panel, and also very close to the Play button for Preview. I have twice accidentally clicked Randomize and completely messed up my Auto Mix.

I would love to be able to either remove the Randomize button or to disable it. If this is something that can not be done as a feature, then I am capable to fix it in the code if you point me in the right direction.

Please let me know.

Thank you again for this great interface.

Posted Mon 30 Dec 19 @ 5:01 pm
Thank's PhantomDeejay for this great interface!
One request though: an indicator for the sandbox mode (on/off)

Posted Sun 05 Jan 20 @ 1:36 pm
PhantomDeejay, thanks for a very smart and versatile skin that's loaded with many exciting variations. I enjoy the Vectro Classic view the best. I'm wondering if you could provide an inverted view to choose from in the Waveform Display in the near future? Thanks!

Posted Fri 10 Jan 20 @ 11:31 pm
PhantomDeejay wrote :
This has been fixed already for next update (most likely next week )

The upgrade has taken a bit longer than expected but I know it will be worth it, any idea when it will be done? regard.!!!

Posted Tue 18 Feb 20 @ 2:42 am
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