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Topic: How can I unsubscribe iDJPool?
Please, indicate, How can I unsubscribe iDJ Pool?
I bought it today but it's not what I expected

Thank you

Posted Fri 06 Sep 19 @ 1:06 am
I just saw it by accident. Under My account hit My Licenses. You will see your Pro VDJ License and the one for the record pool Content Unlimited Audio.
Look for and hit Update
It shows your Audio Plan, look for a d hit View Details
This shows your active subscriptions.
Hit Manage and Cancel Subscription appears

Unfortunately you cannot see the content of a service until you buy it. IDJ offers a $10 service and a $50 service which is too much for me, and the $10 is often lacking older songs and latin (salsa/bachata) is non existent. I wonder what you get for $50 myself!

Posted Mon 09 Sep 19 @ 5:13 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
You don't need to subscribe to check the content.
Just search from within vdj and you will see the same results as you would when purchasing the plan.

Posted Mon 09 Sep 19 @ 5:38 pm