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Topic: Better touch screen skin, Help
Hi community

After some research, I decided to create my touch-ready skin because I don't think so that the original tablet or multitouch skin does the job well...

My goal is to create a super simple design that will maximize usability. So I removed a lot of features and create the design with a focus on turntable control and better work with equalizer. There is some limitation when you are using a touch screen for serious DJing. But I am trying to minimize them.

I will be happy if you can help me and give me feedback before I start coding it.

Because I don't have experience with any custom skin yet(I created only super simple prototypes and tested some layouts and work with EQ). I don't know if is it possible to convert my design to the code without problems. I think the most problematic part will be my custom turntable speed control or browser...

Please look at my commented design and tell me if is something "wrong" and can not be created in code. You can comment directly in the prototyping tool or in Google drive.

I will share my skin for free with the community when will be ready.

The important note is that this design is made for my convertible notebook with 14" LCD, maybe for a smaller screen will be necessary to do some changes...

EQ work
OR (better for a smartphone)

Turntable speed control video:
I will be happy for any ideas about how to create a better turntable speed control close to the "analog" experience.

OR (better for a smartphone view)

OR (better for a smartphone view)

Beer mode off
OR (better for a smartphone view)

Posted Mon 22 Jul 19 @ 11:10 am