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Topic: HEY what happened to the QUE in the music browser?
Hey I upgraded my Virtual DJ 2018 to the newest one. I have been able to que music in my headphones in the music browser at the same time other music was playing on my tables, with a play button at the very bottom. I am not seeing that now and it's irking me off, because I can usually match some good beats up if I can hear the music before I play it while composing an album un rehearsed. Please don't tell me you removed the feature.

Posted Sun 14 Jul 19 @ 8:35 pm
it's been upgraded... a lot. and will even show a video preview. but it's off to the side now and not underneath and can show LOTS more information

Open options and search prelisten

Posted Sun 14 Jul 19 @ 8:41 pm
Got ya. Didn't see that over there. THX man.

Posted Sun 14 Jul 19 @ 8:46 pm
So you've upgraded from VDJ 7, not from VDJ 2018?

Start by reading the manual, available from the links at the top of the site. Why they don't include the manual in the download any more, I have no idea.

Posted Sun 14 Jul 19 @ 8:48 pm
Ok one other thing, I was able to use headphones to cue music onto the 2nd table before, and when in settings to config it the same way, with speaker and headphones, I show 2 red X on there with the channels and won't let me listen to the 2nd table. What is wrong here?

Posted Sun 14 Jul 19 @ 8:58 pm
I have no idea why it doesn't work like it should I have the PFL button pushed down.

Posted Sun 14 Jul 19 @ 10:15 pm