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Topic: noob mistake or just something the search bar won't sort through?
our sister sports bar next door (full license but i have to do tech support for the non-tech manager) has a pc-only setup during the day.
last night one of their new guys plugged in his ddj-sz and then forgot or didn't know to set the sound setup back to the default i had it set at so that it was as "idiot-proof" as possibly.
but today when they got in they had no audio at all and the error message saying that the soundcard wasn't there kept popping up and VirtualDJ wouldn't open.
not only that but it wouldn't even do that after i called him in and we plugged in his controller.
ended up completely uninstalling (and of course didn't have the sportsbar backup drive with me.... go figure) resetting everything and starting from scratch.

(also found out that if you are really tired and no paying attention to what you are doing and drop 300 songs into the sample bank - VirtualDJ will crash. and not restart..)

so how do we do a work around if this happens again?

Posted Fri 12 Jul 19 @ 2:28 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
simply eraze the file named "settings.xml" in VirtualDJ folder
if you have a backup file in VirtualDJ/backup folder you can copy its settings.xml file back

note you can record your audio configurationS in the settings -> Audio page

Posted Fri 12 Jul 19 @ 3:45 am
i thought we had the first time we uninstalled it. sorry forgot to mention that. and then soon as we tried to plug it in again it reverted to the pioneer soundcard. things got weird but we have music running for them. going to go back in there after work and see if i can make sure to make a config save so they don't have to deal with it again

Posted Fri 12 Jul 19 @ 4:06 am