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Topic: Time Code Help? With Reloop_RP8000 and Virtual DJ 8
I am having a difficult time setting up my entire system and I'm pretty frustrated at this point. Here is my setup below and my issue.
I'm running:
2- Reloop RP8000 tables
1- Denon DN X600 Mixer
Virtual DJ8 Pro Infinity
1- MacBook Pro with OS X El Capitan
The issue is 1 turntable (Table #1because they are chained together through USB) either will not play at all or keeps studdering and skipping thru a track. Turntable #2 will work perfectly. I go into the setup page on Virtual DJ and try to Calibrate the timecodes and #2 will Calibrate and play fine. On Turntable #1 it will say please put a timecode on the table before trying to calibrate or it will not Calibrate at all. I do hear the tone from the timecode and it shows a small signal getting through but Again it will not play the track smoothly at all.
I have upgraded the software on the Reloops, Mixers, and I have cleared junk from the Macbook. SO anyone please help!

Posted Wed 10 Jul 19 @ 5:47 pm
...and if you plug each turntable into its own dedicated USB port?

Posted Wed 10 Jul 19 @ 5:51 pm