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Topic: Can I use an iPad or Canon T3 as camera source??
Wanting to use above cameras connecting via USB for live broadcast on in house monitors. If so....can you share how to setup?

I have an iMac with onboard camera that's able to detect but i need to see other camera choices.

I've researched and not finding answers.

Thank You!!

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Posted Sat 06 Jul 19 @ 8:15 pm

Posted Mon 08 Jul 19 @ 5:59 pm
I imagine that anyone doing this would be using an actual video camera rather than a tablet or a DSLR, so that's probably why you've not got a reply.

Posted Mon 08 Jul 19 @ 6:34 pm
Elgato Cam Link would probably work, but it would cost more than just buying a cam. Actually, I think it uses HDMI instead of USB so probably not.

Posted Tue 09 Jul 19 @ 2:30 pm