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Topic: Textzone doesn't update time of first beat after set_firstbeat
cube99ControlleristMember since 2019
Hello guys,

Today I found out that you can show the elapsed beats from the first beat within a textzone with format="%Bfromstart"
(as written in

Everything works fine, until I want to change the position of the first beat, as it is off.
While the actual position of the first beat is changed (you can jump to it with the command goto_first_beat), the elapsed bars from the first beat will still refer to the original first beat set by the software (and it will still show the old position with format="%start").

I'm using VirtualDJ 2018 mac build 5046.1513

Has anyone encountered the same problem or has found a solution?
Thanks for any help!

(I'm sorry, if this is the wrong forum page for this kind of question)

Posted Thu 27 Jun 19 @ 9:25 am