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Topic: Where is the Mobius fx ?
hi everybody

i have a weird situation :

i cannot find the mobius fx

maybe i deleted it by accident ?
if yes how can i get it back ?

latest public release version of vdj

thanks in advance

Posted Mon 22 Apr 19 @ 9:17 pm

Posted Mon 22 Apr 19 @ 9:20 pm
thanks a lot !!

it was so easy...didnt even see it...

thats among the things that i love about our software : the instant support from everybody to any issue !!

Posted Mon 22 Apr 19 @ 9:28 pm
romeodan wrote :
thanks a lot !!
it was so easy...didnt even see it...

Glad you got it fixed

And I understand your confusion - a few effects now need to be "installed" like this.
They are actually included in the software, but I believe Atomix have tried to minimize the ever growing list of default effects in the drop down, and that is why you now need to enable some of the more "exotic" effects this way, if you want to use them

Posted Tue 23 Apr 19 @ 10:00 am