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Topic: How does VirtualDJ determine the AutoGain-Values?
Hello everyone,
could someone tell me how VirtualDJ detects the AutoGain-Values for each track please? Does the Autogain-Value depend on the RMS-Value of a track or is it just determined by the maximum peak in course of the track?
My problem is that some of my own, rather dynamic, tracks are limited too much, when I use the Autogain-Function. Of course I could simply turn that function off, but as a producer I don't want that my tracks behave like that on other DJ's players at all if they use Autogain.
To adjust my own tracks, it would be quiet helpfull to know, if the Autogain-Value is depending on the dynamics inside the track (RMS/LUFS) or if it's just set by the maximum peak inside of the track.

Thanks a lot.

Posted Mon 11 Feb 19 @ 5:58 pm

Posted Mon 11 Feb 19 @ 6:18 pm
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